Sunday, February 19, 2006


The Standard Times has published its yearly wrap up in todays paper - Progress 2006. I am featured on page 10k of that section. They say some very nice things about the blog and website, they got most of the quotes right, and in general it is positive about our role in the community. I think you will especially like what the Mayor says about us.

It would have been better if they had given more credit to the other people involved with Concho Info. They also give me too much credit for some issues such as the sales tax campaign where I was just cutting my teeth on local politics.

Last minor point is the progress 2006 section is not online today. If you want to see what they say about us (and other issues such as the prison, jobs, etc.) you will just have to buy your own copy or wait till the library opens. Who knows, it might be online later.


  1. I was glad to see the article in today's 2006 Progress edition of the Sunday paper that included you and your BLOG, Jim! Also was grateful for Mayor Lown's supportive comments on your citizen's oversight and commentary. Please keep up the good work -- which I know is not easy! I believe our citizens are encouraged by your efforts!! Many thanks, Lynne Transki

  2. Mr. Turner,

    The Standard-Times "Progress" section was online at San It was just with our other special sections, rather than on our home page. Here is a link to that site for you and your readers. Thanks.

    John Boyd
    Executive Content Producer