Sunday, February 26, 2006

Election Issues 2006

The election season is upon us, and Concho Info will be supplying information on many of the issues that are important in the upcoming elections. Each issue will be a posting at the head of its own thread with your comments welcome following like always.

We will not be supporting any candidate. Instead, we will be hitting the high points on issues such as water, education, jobs, housing, etc., supplying facts and links to information, and trying to give a good indication of the current state of that issue and hopefully suggest some questions that the various candidates should be answering.

Vote for the candidate that best addresses the issues and hopefully the information and analysis here will supply both a reality and a sanity check.

When you comment on these issues, you can add you opinion of where you think a candidate falls on a particular issue. That is welcome and encouraged. Just keep it tied to the issue. Don't just say "candidate x is the best on y". Tell us why you think X is the best on issue Y, with as much support and reason as you can. Quotes from campaign ads are probably not good supporting material though.

Try to keep it to what can be verified, and don't try to embarrass the candidates. I am sure they are all fully capable of doing that themselves.

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