Friday, December 23, 2011

Dare to Dream

My housemate has the hobby of cross-stitching and showed me her latest effort.

"Dare to Dream". I like to think I'm halfway bright, I get all political, but this bit of fabric really woke me up.

Of course we must "Dare to Dream"; I'd just never put the thought in those words. Science, politics, medicine, the Boson particle or parking cars in the yard, we must "Dare".

Left, right, progressive, Libertarian; Communist for that matter at least you're thinking!

"Dreams" gave us airplanes; crude bi-wings, but airplanes, and now we have 747s with First Class and free drinks if you can afford it. Dreams gave us commercial electricity: OK Edison's Pearl St Station was DC, but when I flick the switch today, the light comes on!(Well as long as I pay the bill.)

Google Joseph Schumpeter. Dreams creatively deconstructed the iceman's job, Put him and herds of ponies and carriage builders out of work when the refrigerator was invented. I'm very fond of indoor plumbing, I've done the "outhouse" thing, Sears catalog and all

Thank you Janet. "Dareing to Dream" is a core concept of capitalism, and if you think capitalism is "evil", Try one of the alternatives! We didn't militarily destroy the USSR. It collapsed of it own weight!

If you think we have a wicked system, go try to "occupy" Beijing or even Moscow. Putin would eat you for lunch and not even burp as an afterthought.

Actually, the beauty of capitalism and the USA; It wasn't "invented" Adam Smith discovered it, explained it, reported it in the "Wealth of Nations" but it had already come about. I do note; Publication of Wealth of Nations; 1776, somewhat coincidental with a World-changing Declaration of something or other out of Philadelphia.

I've had a world-class case of the flu this week; wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Merry Christmas to all.