Saturday, April 05, 2014

The End

I'm thinking about shutting down ConchoInfo. The blog hasn't been active in a while. My last post was in November, and Jim Ryan, the other main poster hasn't posted since May. Nothing has been added to the website, and very little has been done on FaceBook or Twitter. I have still been showing up at council meetings, mostly out of habit, but not really making much of a difference.

There has been a lot going on. I'm buying a house and have several people living with me, the youngest not ready to start school yet. I have a job that's taking up a lot of time. A job I really like. A lot of irons in the fire.

I also see a lot that frustrates me in local politics. My blood pressure probably goes up a lot every time I attend a council meeting. If I start addressing the issues I see I will neglect my new, adhoc adopted family and my job. The amount of time it would take would be tremendous. I don't have the time and quite frankly my job and family will have to come first here.

Still, there is a lot left to do. I was in and out of last Tuesday's council meeting a lot because of calls I had to make to work and home. Still, I watched the video on Youtube and I was disappointed and frustrated by what I saw. (Just as a quick note, I do like that Anthony Wilson and his team keep getting more information out to the public. They still have a ways to go on the new website but it's apparent they are taking public information seriously.) I was hugely disappointed with the discussion on the landfill operation and trash collection RFP results. Staff and Council were not prepared for questions the public asked. Won't get into detail because it is hugely frustrating and disappointing and frankly if that's the way the city is going to conduct business, I don't want to wast my time dealing with them. I don't have the time, energy, or resources to waste anymore. And it would be a waste. Someone wants to discuss over a beer or good barbeque I might consider that otherwise I think I've wasted far too much time here lately and will get much more selfish in how I focus my attention. I still love San Angelo but why should I spin my wheels on the current council.

There is a lot to be done but someone else will have to do it. I am leaving the eighth seat.