Monday, February 27, 2006

Election Issues 2006 - Taxes

One issue that is central to all elections is Taxes. How will the candidate use our money. It is our hard earned money that we pay to the government to be used for services such as education, fire and police, roads, parks, etc..

There are critical needs at all levels. City property tax barely pays for fire and police services and is among the highest in the state. School property tax is at the state maximum and will likely be affected by the upcoming special session. Sales tax, which pays for much of the day to day operation of local government, needs to be spent wisely. High taxes hurt the economy and are not attractive to business.

All candidates have a responsibility to make sure that tax money is spent wisely and properly. No special favors. No candy store projects that benifit the few at the expense of the many. No expensive crusades that have no real substance. Projects should get the most bang for the buck and have a wide positive impact.

How well do you think the candidates will do with your tax money? Tell us here, and try to keep it to taxes this time. You will get a chance for other issues very soon.

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