Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Economics

There some interesting articles at Wired magazine and Cnet news.com about a new wrinkle in the whole outsourcing model they are calling "homeshoring". A company called Rural Sourcing is contracting high tech, computer related jobs to rural areas. Might be worth our local leaders looking at. Maybe the Chamber could contact them and send them a brochure. Don't forget to include information on the facilities at ASU.


  1. While we are looking, this wired article has some important perspective.

  2. You are correct about the trend of India-based companies looking at the "second tier" cities in the U.S. for service jobs. I'm working with one serious prospect now and spent a lot of time last year with another one. They are providing some very good jobs.

  3. Think you might have missed some major points. They are not talking about your average service jobs. These are jobs that require a combination of technical skill and an understanding of American business, legal, and cultural practices. That is why Dell has brought its call centers for major corporate customers back to the USA.

    They also point out that these AMERICAN companies went to India and came back not only because of cheap labor, but because they needed a technically trained and capable work force. San Angelo needs a homeshoring focus to give the people we are technically training a chance to stay here and use their skills. Not just in call centers, but in problem solving centers. In design and innovation centers. World class technology centers.

    To be successful in this type of world job market, San Angelo needs to transform itself into leading technologies most cost effective, small First Tier city.