Thursday, November 17, 2005

Good Neighbors and the Klan

There have been some recent stories that the headquarters of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Texas is claimed to be in San Angelo. The Man who claims to be the "grand dragon" of the group, Steven Edwards, is most likely a newcomer to the area. On the main AWKKKK website he is listed as the Imperial Kludd (supposedly "pastor"). Sounds like he got a promotion from his post in the Georgia group.

As has been reported in the Standard Times and on other websites, the Klan has never had much luck in this area. That doesn't mean they won't have an impact, but the reality is their hate message designed to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt under a thin veneer of distorted "religion", misguided patriotism and made up history isn't taken seriously here. They are likely to be a pest on the same level as flies. A nuisance that can be taken care of best by not giving them anything to breed in.


  1. There are several factions of the KKK just as there are different factions of a number of religious denominations. Also, the goals of the original KKK started by Pike, Forest, et al, following the War of Northern Aggression differ greatly from the modern KKK factions.

  2. It is true there are different factions of the klan, just like there are different breeds of flies.

    It is impossible to tell what the goals of the "original" klan were because that has been over mythologized. It is clear that by the time it started to spread it was had no connection with honor or the best of Southern culture. The "history" was written by people who wanted to put a veneer of respectability and chivalry on outrageous behavior.

    The modern incarnations added more made up history and religion to justify the use of intimidation and violence. All groups that call themself "klan" do so to establish a connection with an overly romanticized group of outlaws that want to be seen as Robin Hoods but in reality were and are the antithesis of the ideals they mocking claim.

  3. I think anyone who would chose to associate themselves with an organization with such a horrible track record could not be any good. That in my mind would be like someone like say a political figure coming out saying they were Nazi and that not all Nazi's were bad or evil. While that may be true to a very small degree, the fact remains whatever the goals of the original sects, they remain negative in most peoples minds. When you chose to associate yourself with a group like such, it is clear what many of your beliefs are.

    Racism is ignorant. To believe you are better than another due to the color of your skin is stupid. We should be way past that by now. It is sad that we are not however.

  4. One reason for the multiplication of factions goes back to a civil suit which bankrupted one state's unified Klan, Mississippi, I think.

    Scattered, smaller groups make that sort of legal action unprofitable. No assets, no payment.

    They are not completely ineffective. Recent events in Toledo, Ohio are one example. Reacting to a planned Klan march, hundreds of Black residents informally assembled to counter. The actual Klansmen, some 20-odd, sought police protection before they ever marched and decamped the city. Denied a target of rage, many of the younger members of the counter-protesters rioted through a few blocks, apparantly trashing a couple of bars in the process.

    Better to have ignored the pathetic "march" and denounce the ignorant out-of-towners editorially, These yahoos thrive on publicity way out of proportion to their numbers.

    So far, Angelo seems to actually have one displaced person who cannot be found for public comment or interview. Until he can demonstrate at least his actual existence, let alone power to affect real issues, people, or property, my advice is to ignore the idiot and deny him the attention he feeds on.

  5. Can't argue with you Mr. Ryan. We should just ignore him or them.

  6. "I totally agree, ignore the hate-filled Klan!" I'm proud to be an American of Hispanic Heritage. I'd die for this country if I had to. Let us once and for all get past the color of our skin. Viva America!!! Jim Ryan, I had doubts about what you were up to with this website. You've earned my respect with your comments about those cowards hiding under those hoods. Keep up the good work! Next page...

  7. Anonymous: Thanks for your comments. This BLOG is for information and opinions from ALL San Angelo and Concho Valley citizens. Please keep commenting and keep us straight. Hope you stop in and comment often.

  8. Just to keep the discussion going, here are links to what the FBI had on the KLAN.