Friday, August 05, 2005

Why we are here

This weekend, Conchoinfo will be one year old. Over that time we have expanded beyond our original single political issue purpose. This site and BLOG strives to focus on the important issues of the Concho Valley. We try to provide information, analysis, and opinions from a variety sources including the internet, print media, and personal contact, research, and observations. So far this has been done mostly by Jim Ryan and me - Jim Turner. We have put a lot of time and resources into this site.

So why are we here? This site exists because we believe that truth is necessary for a man to be free. Having all the facts, and getting the truths behind them won't guarantee the best outcome, but without the truth and the facts to arrive there, we are all bound up in comfortable chains. I believe that you can't have good government unless the government process is open and the citizens informed. I believe that too little accurate information is available to our local citizens. Our purpose is to provide an information and knowledge source for the Concho Valley. It's a big task. Its so big, we need help.

We need additional information and writers for Concho Info. All public issues are welcome. Agreement with me or other writers here is not a requirement. There are some rules here, like keep it clean and no ad-hominem or personal attacks. Try to keep it accurate and factual. Keep it non-partisan. Don't get mad if someone disagrees.

So give us some input. Add comments on current articles (you can be anonymous.) Email me feedback, content or articles. Become a member of our publishing team (you do have to ask, but thats about it.) Help us make this an even more valuable resource for the Concho Valley

Jim Turner

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