Monday, August 08, 2005

Lakeview Chiefs: Endangered Species?

Last weeks news brought us a fine example of political correctness gone mad. The NCAA ruled that American Indian mascots would no longer be allowed, at least in post-season bowl games. At least 18 major colleges now use mascots the NCAA calls "hostile and abusive".

Perhaps the most famous, certainly the most sucessful of these is the Florida State Seminoles. It matters not a whit to to the mavens of manners at NCAA that Florida State went to the Seminole tribe and sought permission, or that the real Seminoles have stated it is a use of their image they are proud of.

If the Texas UIL were to follow the lead of NCAA, Lakeview would find itself in need of a new mascot and logo. I know a good many people in our area who proudly claim full or mixed Indian geneology, used to be married to one, but if there has been any local protest, I missed it. The visual representation used is that of a strong, proud, warrior Chief, anything but an insult.

Texas is full of strange, sometimes almost silly mascots. We have Horned Toads and Owls and Rams. I have always been puzzled by Steers, why one's rough, tough lads of the gridiron should be represented by an emasculated meat animal escapes me. Next act, PETA will demand all animal mascots be banned as "speciesist".

If UIL does go in this direction, what should Lakeview go with? The Lakeview Inclusionary Multiculturalists just doesn't trip lightly off the tongue, and besides a matching logo would be a real bitch. Can't say a particular image pops to mind. Still, it would show a lack of foresight for us not to prepare for such a ruling. I have a mental image involving a tombstone for the First Amendment, having trouble with a short mascot name though.

I leave this as an excersize for the reader. Feel free to reply by clicking on "comments". Suggestions will be forwarded to Lakeview and the winner (to be fairly judged me me) will receive two ataboys and a Grand Huzzah.

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