Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Thoughts and PBR

It's memorial day and every news outlet, social media site, and most blogs rightly have something to say about the true meaning that so often gets forgotten on this weekend of Bar-B-Que and the Indie 500. It is a time to reflect on duty, honor, and country. And it's been said in many ways and many places far better than I can say it here. So I'm just going to share a memory. A thought, feeling or meme if you will from my own life.

The least expensive beer 6 packs that Wal Mart had this weekend were for PBR. It's been on sale there for a little while and I picked some up. It seemed fitting to me for this weekend.

Forty years ago I was almost finished with my tour in Okinawa. Most troops had already been withdrawn from Vietnam. Ground troops were "officially" gone. Pallets of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer that were originally destined to support forces in Vietnam ended up in Okinawa instead. The EM club on Torrii Station where I worked and lived had a lot of specials on PBR. A cheap way to party with comrades in what I now know was a special place and time. My PBR this weekend helps me  remember the people I worked, lived, and partied with for just over 20 years. We share a common bond of an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. There's a lot more I could say here but really it's already been said, and in most cases much better than I possibly could.

So today I will drink my PBR and remember those I drank with back then. And the only thing I can add is my sincere thanks.


  1. PBR is a perfectly good beer. Not the best, but it will dam#d sure do in a pinch. Beats Iron City (which tastes like its name).

    Sounds like a fine tribute to me.

    1. PBR today is as good as most American mass market beers. The PBR on Okinawa was in the old steel cans and had been sitting on pallets for who knows how long. Still, it was special because of the time, place, and people.