Thursday, May 16, 2013

Apology ,etc

Just to lighten the moment, I have been home day hours for two days. I had been up all night, does this happen to everybody? Every twenty minutes the phone is going off!

Couple of comments there, I will at least be polite to people but the recorded voice is telling me "This is an important call for" That's about far as that conversation goes; if it were an "important call" there would be a live human on the other end. I don't talk to machines.

Mr. Turner came close to pulling my last comment, and I would not have blamed him if he had. He runs this shop, I just write once in a while. It has been our policy not to endorse candidates.

I thought the election exceptional enough to break the rules. I should not have. We discussed and agreed on those rules for good reasons.

And just for fun, vehicles used to run into one another. What is this new thing about running into buildings?

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