Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A long run

Conchoinfo.org has been online for quite a while. On August 7th it will be 8 years since conchoinfo.org started life as the website against the first extension of the 4B, 1/2 cent sales tax. In December of 2004 Conchoinfo was rebuilt and redirected towards a more informational and local issue oriented focus. We've achieved some successes and had some failures. We've had an impact. This August the domain name and hosting contract for conchoinfo.org is up for renewal again. It's not a major expense but it's a personal expense shared among a very few contributors. I'm wondering if I should keep the domain name and site up or just let it go.

Even if we let the domain name lapse, the blog will still be here. We have had a little presence on facebook but I'm thinking of taking that down. A lot of the other ideas I had for conchoinfo have never had enough time, money, people, or other resources to come about. It's never become the information resource I hoped for and can't unless things change. Conchoinfo.org is at a real crossroads. It either needs to grow, which I don't have the time, resources, etc. to do on my own, or it needs to just fade away to become just another footnote in history and a few entries in the archive.org wayback machine. I will probably pay for another year of the domain name and hosting but unless something changes this will be the last year for the domain. ConchoInfo.org. There's not enough me (and a few others) to do it anymore.

The blog will stay here. Blogger hosting is free. I might still get worked up enough to do some posting and we can be sure Barkeep (Jim Ryan) will. That's not enough.

Ideas and feedback wanted

Jim Turner


  1. Don’t let the turkeys get you down.

    The results of the last San Angelo City Council elections are disappointing but inroads into public awareness where made.

    I decided to take a break and step back from the “action.” It is a waste of time to try to analyze, explain, influence or oppose every action city council takes. Better to try to get more voters involved than attending every city council meeting.

    Presently I am reading the 200rh Anniversary Edition of “Common Sense, Rights of Man, and other essential writings of Thomas Paine. I bought the paper back at Hastings; the Tom Green County Library has none of Thomas Paine’s writings.

  2. Here's an odd twist to keep on keepin' on. You could hit up the city for economic development funds to start up a nonprofit news source, like The Texas Tribune.

    Or you could do what you've been doing, writing online a la Thomas Paine and the pamphlet writers of America's early days.

    1. The domain is paid up for another year. Minimal storage and features. Still working out details on what we want to do with the domain.

      I kind of equate asking the city government for economic development funds in our case with a bank asking Jesse James to help pick out bank vaults. I don't think their interests would align with ours.

      I'm not looking for "help" from the government. They try to force that on us all to often as it is. Always open to help and suggestions from individuals and many groups. Governments? Not so much.

    2. I suggest anyone read Thomas Paine if they want to get back to original sources.

  3. “But who are those to whom Mr. Burke has made his appeal? A set of childish thinkers, and half-way politicians born in the last century, men who went no farther with any principle than as it suited their purpose as a party; the Nation was always left out of the question; and this has been the character of every party from that to this. The Nation sees nothing in such works, or such politics, worthy its attention. A little matter will move a party, but it must be something great that moves a Nation.”

    Common Sense, Rights of Man and other essential writings of Thomas Paine: Signet Classics 200rh Anniversary Edition; page 260.

    1. Reflects the present political climate in present day USA. Party politics is put before the best interest of the Nation.

  4. Utility bill $104.00 last. Utility bill $129.00 this month. Gave up watering the garden this month, still billed for “estimated” 10,000 gallons last month and this month. Citizens are being billed for estimated water usage rather than actual water usage.