Monday, May 30, 2011

Free Thinking and Frisky

What's the song title, "Too Much Time on My Hands"? I get bored and have this compulsion to share my thoughts with anyone we can tease into reading the Blog. So random thoughts, it is.

Folks, And BTW, I'm gonna run down a rabbit trail right now. Why do I use the term "folks" often as I do? In my day the general personal pronoun was he, him. English does not have a gender specific term. Suggestions are welcome but I HATE the awkwardness of "he/she" even when I have to use it in say drafting rules.

First time in too many years, I went to a Chili-cookoff yesterday. I had forgotten how much fun that can be. Predictably got drafted as a judge, believe it or not had an adult beverage or three, and contributed to the charity de jour. Another BTW, retired San Angelo Fireman Mark Harrison is now running the Terlingua Ghost Town Saloon beerjoint, he'd love to see old friends if you go there. For those who keep up with such; I will boldly go forth into Republican/Democrat/Libertarian politics, but I ain't touching chile cookoffs with a pole!

Stray thought: when you park on the street, look back before you open the door. I have come too close to taking a door off a car three times in the last two weeks. Guess what, if I had, I (or my insurer) am NOT going to buy you a door. You (or your insurer if you have one) will buy me a new headlight, grill, front quarterpanel.

What's the price of gas today? Over $4 and steaming towards $7? I don't really keep up, outside the lawnmower, I don't use the nasty stuff, still paying about $2.50 for Propane on the pickup. Still, I seem to have seen a $3.55 sign, looks like price is coming down just as we head into high use season with many refineries shut down due to flooding. How can this be?

Federal mandates, that's got to be it, nothing else could outweigh the economic might of the oil companies! Oops, forgot, the feds are still figuring out which conspiracy to sue for what. Now there is this niggling little detail: gasoline consumption has dropped over 10% over 4 months. No mandate, no rationing, nothing out of DC, we, the free consumers, decided we would drive fewer miles, buy less gas and the mighty oil companies were brought to their knees by nothing more than our individual free choice.

The concept has been called a "free market". Not to get too radical, but one might want to look at the idea.

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