Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A glimpse at our future.

We now have a small scale test of what I hope ConchoInfo will look like up. It may be a little slow and up and down a bit as I'm running it on a test server under my desk. Anonymous browsing and some commenting is allowed, but full features won't be available unless you register. News feeds, forums, stories and comments along with a calendar are all in the works. We are also working on an appropriate theme. Special purpose and private forums are also possible.

Take a look at the testbed and tell me what you think.


  1. Jim, since you asked, here are my suggestions.

    1. Don't require registration. That will only limit the number of people who use your site and aggravate those who do.

    2. Keep it simple. For instance, the html coding options for comments will simply annoy or confuse most users. Less is more.

    3. Make it daily. Somehow, you have to figure a system for providing daily updates. That will give readers a reason to return on a regular basis.

    4. Encourage readers to do your work for you --- policing comments, covering events, updating the calendar, etc. Not only will it provide you with a viable way to run a daily blog on the cheap, but it will give readers a sense of ownership and pride in the site.

    5. Find a good ad manager/sales person who will work on commission selling ads. You will make some $$$ from this baby.

  2. Thanks Anonymous 12:18

    Here are my thoughts so far

    1. Registration will only be required for certain areas/functions. Had anonymous comments going through review for a while, but have opened that up.

    2. The fancier editing is now an option for registered users.

    3. Daily is a goal. It may take a while to get there.

    5. Want it to break even. Don't want it to be owned by advertisers.

    4 is the area I see as the most challenging.

    Thanks for your feed back. Keep the ideas and suggestions coming.