Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Candidate Tim Vasquez Presentation

Candidate Tim Vasquez's presentation at the Feb 26th Forum.

Be sure to check out all the candidates presentations. They will be up soon.

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  1. I see your lips moving but all I hear is blah, blah, blah. Creating the quota (er uh minimum work standards) has created numbers and statistics that are deceiving at best to overall police work and REAL statistics. Lot's of very well trained, experienced officers have left due to mistrust, bias, favoritism, and lack of morals with this administration, especially the chief. Some officers who are partially disabled due to on the job injuries are singled out and disciplined because of the quota, even though they work harder than officers on other shifts. (The work STANDARD is not STANDARD, it varies by shift, and officers can be disclpined simply because they don't meet standards, which are not equal for everyone.) Yet if you ask the chief it's not disclipline, it's a removal of priveledges (same thing). This city, and the officers employed here, deserve an administration that is loyal, trustworthy and morally decisive. The current chief has long been deemed untrustworthy by coworkers, but with a flashy smile, and a nifty catch phrase got elected. Look at your candidates closely, and see who has the qualities to run a million dollar business, and elect a new leader...not just for the officers, but for the citizens who deserve it too.

  2. It's kinda scary how the chief runs around doing what he does and yet has NO ONE to answer to. We should elect someone who is well educated, well trained, and well trusted.

  3. I agree with both these comments...this man does not have the integrity to be in this position...its time for him to go. I see beyond that flashy smile.