Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rangers reports: Updated twice

The reports by Texas Ranger Shawn Palmer are available and they are interesting reading. There are 691 pages in the file we have just received. This contains a request letter and three reports. I have made these scanned reports searchable and more compact. Right now report 1 and report 2 are ready and online. Report 3, the largest, is split into 4 parts of about 200 pages each. They available as part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4. There may be some errors in the searchable text, but the information displayed should be accurate. We have done a lot of checking but some errors may have crept in. Let us know if you find any errors so we can get them corrected.

These reports show the amount of detail required for an investigation. They also contain important information that hasn't been available previously. We are still studying these reports and will have analysis and comments later. I do want to say that my initial reaction is one of disappointment and we will leave it at that.

Update 2. The Standard Times now has these reports online here. They have more bandwidth so they should be more readily available, if not as easily searchable.


  1. Holy Cow!

    Many thanks for this posting. I am sure sorry to see the result that the DA and the Grand Jury came up with.
    It sure seems that the term "evasive" and "not honest" were used a lot. It also seems the SAPD command staff didn't shoot straight with the Ranger.

    My hat is off to Palmer for writing the letter to the DA. That took some guts. The Ranger has my respect for a great investigation and the follow up letter with the DA was right on the mark.

  2. I would love to read part 3 of this report, but I keep getting the message that the bandwidth for this site has been exceeded. Are there plans to solve this problem?

  3. This site and these reports are hosted on very low cost/free services, which does limit the number of people that can access these reports at one time. These reports had over 500 pageloads yesterday, so please be patient.

    Would love to have the money for huge bandwidth, but that is not in the cards right now. You should be able to read these reports as soon as the traffic dies down a bit. Thanks again for your patience.

  4. overall the report gives you the feeling that a) vazquez is incomptent and b) that he really has it out for Jeff Davis--check out the section where it looks like he is trying to turn the tables and "get the goods" on Davis

  5. Just remmember! Texas Ranger Palmer is a straight shooter,a class act! and SAPD has been a joke for many many year's. Chief Timmy has a colorful past. Like the incident with the underaged girl over at Lakeview. What kind of man(Christian)as he claim's, would chose playing drum's in a bar,instead of being home with his wife and children. You cannot change the spot's on a dog, no matter how hard you try. I'm a BIG fan of Ranger Palmer!

  6. It just amazes me that a Texas Ranger cannot present his case or have creditable witnesses speak before a Grand Jury. BUT, We have a Assisdent DA, Brian Clayton that drink's and frolick's with young college girl's on a regular basis in every bar in this Town. It make's me sick to my stomach. I hope the Fed's continue to look at the corruption in this City and County Government.

  7. Well, Give Officer Trent Kemp a HAND! He's the only one with guts to stand up for the truth in the Department. Look's more and more like were gonna see both, Vasquez and his side kick, Martinez in CUFF'S. Handcuff's that is,and maybe Les Bird. Read the Ranger's report, both(Vasquez & Martinez) lied their ass off. One thing for sure, Jeff Davis can't fix the problem, cause he's part of the problem. He's a joke! Go Ranger's Go!!!