Friday, May 04, 2007

Different thoughts on the School Bond

One of our readers forward this to me.

Things to think about on the school bond issue.

1. They say Central cannot be secure because it is so spread out well I take a different view of that. Lets look at what has happened in the last few years. Columbine - Virginia Tech - Oklahoma City -------- Who would have a better chance for survival? All of our kids confined into one building, or fewer kids in several separate buildings? And also if Central is not safe for high school kids why would it be safe for jr. high kids?

2. High school age kids are old enough to handle an open campus but I don't think jr. high school age kids should be put in that situation. Jr. high kids have enough problems and temptations without being on an open campus.

3. What ever happened to the 150 acres of land the school already owns out by Lamar elem?

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