Sunday, April 15, 2007

Election Issues 2007

In February of last year we posted a number of articles on election issues. A quick review shows that the points we raised then are still valid today. You might want to review them before we add new questions such as capital maintenance and infrastructure needs. The school bond issue will get special attention, as you have probably noticed already.

As always, you comments are welcome. When you comment on these issues, you can add you opinion of where you think a candidate falls on a particular issue. That is welcome and encouraged. Just keep it tied to the issue. Don't just say "candidate x is the best on y". Tell us why you think X is the best on issue Y, with as much support and reason as you can. Quotes from campaign ads are probably not good supporting material though.

Try to keep comments to what can be verified, and don't try to embarrass the candidates. I am sure they are all fully capable of doing that themselves.

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