Thursday, January 25, 2007

School Survey Results

The results of the SAISD bond survey are in. We have them and they are available for your viewing pleasure here. The results are not terribly surprising, but some of the questions are very interesting in what they imply.

Section 15 and 16 try to make some interesting impressions. Section 15 implies that a new grade alignment requires new construction. It implies that letting buildings deteriorate to the point they need to be torn down and replaced is being pro-active in planning for the future. Section 16 implies that a school building should be replaced just because it is old. It implies that the most up to date technology can only be put in a new building.

There are similar implications in the rest of the survey. Read the questions and results for yourself and let us know what you think. Might want to let the school board know as well

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  1. I also question the context of the poll. Questions 11 and 12 clearly anticipate at least two bonds (the Task Force referred to three "phases') with no sum attatched to the second. The only figure stated is the $125 million for Bond I. Could this tie into question 9 where we discover support falls to under 10% if the total amount is $200 million+. Question 18e has the following rather cute phrasing; "As none of the funds will go to athletics, EXCEPT FOR BASIC NEEDS" (emphasis added). I add the emphasis because questions 15d and 16f make it plain the bond envisions athletic fields as a basic need for the new Central. Nevermind that it is apparantly quite acceptable for Lakeview/Lincoln kids to schlep across town and play home games on Thursday nights to help justify the astroturf at Bobcat Stadium. Yes I said Bobcat, for the newcomers, that lovely bowl on Knickerbocker is not ASU stadium. It was built when Central had more students, and certainly more fans, than San Angelo College. I don't want to sound like the Grinch what stole Christmas, but the board and its task force needs to stop thinking of the taxpayer as Santa Claus with deep pockets. SAISD does need improvements and a bond will almost surely pass, but we can take a lot of ornaments off this tree and still educate kids. If we need to go till November before this issue is ready for prime time, so be it.