Saturday, December 30, 2006

Thoughts on Voting

The elections commission decided Friday that Vona McKerley will be the elections administrator. She will have her hands full and I wish her luck. She has a big job ahead of her.

I must confess I know Vona, and not the other applicants for the office. Based on my observations, however, I am sure she will bring leadership, openness and a strong work ethic, not politics, to the job. She does have the most elections experience of those that applied for the job.

She will have to hit the ground running. There are voting systems examinations due in January, May or August. There are elections in May and November. There is a lot of training needed, and a lot of work rebuilding the elections office and system into something the voters will trust. We will be following the progress here.

We wish Vona luck. She will need it.

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