Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pay Da Man

Wednesday's headline story on Kenneth Landon's request for more money reminded me I had not been the Lily Park in a long time, not since the improvements had been completed. I made the time and spent an hour or so there.

When I first tripped over the park, pre-improvement, I thought it was a little noticed treasure, just the thing to set one's mind in a contemplative mode. The new version is a real jewel.

I recommend a visitor pause, as I did, about halfway down the entrance ramp. On my right, a beautiful floral border, to the left the ponds themselves from an elevated position that lets one view the entire collection.. In fact about the only improvement I would suggest would be to label the flower names as is done for the lilies. I spent several minutes here, leaning over the rail and taking it in. Then one goes to the ground level to take in each pond in turn. Many of the plants are in bloom, and the variations are simply delightful. I left feeling as if I had shed a weight of tensions that had been preoccupying my mind.

I doubt that San Angelo could match the six-figure sums mentioned in the article, but fortunately Mr. Landon's love of San Angelo is such we won't need to. If Mr. Landon is actually dipping into his money to keep up this work of art, surely we can scrounge up enough money to repay some of that and provide him a bit of positive cash flow. I doubt the park would maintain its current level of beauty without his loving ministrations to it.

If you doubt it, go visit the park one nice day. You will not have wasted your time.

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