Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Taking a Ride

I am still looking into issues with the local transit system consolidation. For background, look at the CVRTD page and the SASRC page. I found the the Multimodal Terminal study especially interesting. This study, started in November 2004, analyzes the state of transportation in the Concho Valley area, and recommends a terminal facility that is used by all the bus systems, public and private, in San Angelo. This is a roughly $4.4 million project. The 193 page report wasn't designed to study consolidation of the SASRC and CVRTD, but on page 10-13 it does recommend that if the 2 groups want greater cooperation or consolidation, the study and planning may include:

"• Clear understanding of each agency’s operations and management;
• Clear understanding of all agencies within the Concho Valley area that have transit services and/or transit needs;
• Researching and defining implementation strategies for cooperation and coordination;
• Researching and defining an implementation strategy for consolidation, including contracting transit services to a third-party service provider; and
• Calculating costs and benefits for each strategy."

I leave it to the readers to decide if that happened before the consolidation. I think you already know my opinion.

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  1. Since I had a day off work, I gave the city bus system a test ride. Two bits of advice: take a book, a long book; and have a strong and capacious bladder. Since the depot is locked up, there will be no restroom until the end of your journey.

    It took three tries to get on board, I was misinformed of the time the bus came by the first two tries. When I finally did get aboard, the driver was able to give me correct information on the transfer I would need to get to 29th and Chadbourne.

    Just for local color, within a few blocks, the gentleman seated in front of me, who could be generously described as intoxicated, lost both his soft drink and stomach contents right in front of the door.

    All told, it only took me half a day to get from Bell St. to N. Chadbourne. Given the lead time the folk in charge had, I have to concur with Mr. Turner, this is no way to run a railroad, not even a "Street Railroad" as the transit company calls itself.

    I am fortunate in that I was doing this as an adventure and did not have some critical appointment. I am not beefing about the employees, they were willing to spend time and try to be helpful, but its appeared to me that confusion reigns for now.