Thursday, July 20, 2006

Employment Directions

Members of the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce gave a report at the last council meeting. Pat Malloy, who is the chief salesman of the city, gave his report and showed updates to sales materials they are using to sell the city to businesses. This years approach is a pleasant change.

This years sales program really emphasizes the success of technology companies, especially information technology. They created an insert titled San Angelo Texas Making Connections. It is full of technology companies using our excellent telecommunications infrastructure to grow and run thriving businesses. Eight companies and organizations are profiled and the benefits of doing business here are well presented.

The chamber is still learning how to sell San Angelo to technology companies. I talked to Pat during a break and he said that unless we get lucky, we have probably seen our last heavy industry move here. The companies that are moving labor intensive manufacturing are going straight to the cheap foreign countries. He also noticed that remote backup and business continuity type operations are already here and it is such a natural fit that he is trying to attract more. It is obvious that there is a lot of work to be done, but the shift is promising.

Couple this shift in marketing with some other initiatives, and San Angelo could become a technology oasis out here on the edge of the desert.

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