Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Picnics Blaine and Fancy

Blaines picnic is still providing entertainment. We commented on the problems there earlier. At the Civic Events Board meeting last night they covered a list of problems and went over a list of changes for the council to consider.

Everyone agreed the trash needs to be picked up the next day. Everyone also agreed that furniture, such as thrift shop couches should not be allowed on the grounds as they get left there far too often.

The problems with alcohol and under age drinking were discussed at length. It was agreed that a highly visible wrist band should be required to identify those who can and can't drink. The proposal sent forward to the council recommended banning BYOB for all ticketed events. Even those questioning an outright ban recognized the need for changes such as banning hard liquor and limiting the amount of alcohol a person or group can bring in.

Changes such as these must be made. We were lucky this year. It's better to take appropriate action than to rely on our luck holding.

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