Monday, May 08, 2006


WTOS held its assembly this past Sunday May 7, 2006. The purpose of this assembly was to introduce all the candidates to the WTOS and let them know that WTOS is here and is going to work for the community, holding our elected leadership accountable to insure that all areas of the city are treated equal.

If you have not heard of the WTOS, this is a brief description: The West Texas Organizing Strategy, a coalition of 60 congregations and schools across the region, supports the families of our communities who face economic, social and cultural pressures. WTOS member institutions believe strong families are the foundation of the prosperous society and will work to ensure family needs are addressed so all can share in the prosperity of our community, holding our elected leadership accountable.

The candidates present for this assembly to answer questions and give their support to the citizens and to the WTOS to support the goals of the communities were Debbie Albert, John Fields, Jon Mark Hogg, Sonny Shapiro, Daniel Cardenas and Johnny Silvas. All of the candidates stated that they would support the WTOS and would work toward equal and prosperous communities within San Angelo. All the candidates said that it was important to take action on areas that are in need and clean up the areas that are unsafe for adults and children and to provide City services in the Rio Vista and Blackshear communities that have gone undone for a long period of time.

It is time for change! The citizens of San Angelo are the ones that can make that change start. Stand up and be counted. The way to do this is to go and vote for the candidate that you feel will support your community, take an active part and insure that all areas of the city are treated equal. Only you can do that! VOTE.

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