Sunday, April 30, 2006

May Day Thoughts

The first of May has been celebrated for centuries. A quick look at this Wikipedia article will give some background. This year there is an extra significance. The Concho Info BLOG has been up for one year.

In the past year we have commented on most of the important local issues. Between the BLOG and the main website, we have tried to present complete information and analysis. I think we have done a pretty good job.

Time to celebrate, and start our next year on the BLOG.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday to us! I am pickled tink to have been a part of this Blog and see it gain credibility. This site would not be here save for Jim Turner's expertise and volunteer time.

    I no longer have the job flexibility to physically appear at daytime meetings, but the "fire in the belly" my political padron used to talk about is still there.

    It is gratifying to know we are read by so many people who count. That fact makes it all the more important that we maintain a reputation for careful fact-checking and credibility.

    If there were one thing I would wish for this Blog, it would be an increase in comments in reply, new postings, new commentators. Jim and I avoid taking electoral sides or giving endorsements, at least on this site. That is not to say that commentary by others which does so would be excluded, so long as it was; attributable, less than libelous, and preferably on issues rather than personalities.

    Mr. Turner as Webmaster has final call on all this, but please, we know you read us, jump in, lots of room in the pool, the water's fine. We have some of the most important issues in the last 50 years coming before local gov't, issues that will resonate for probably the next fifty years. Three open seats on a critical Council is really big stuff. Speak now or forever hold...whatever.