Saturday, December 10, 2005

Faith Based Prison, again

The Commissioners court is going to look at the private prison project again. They have added it onto the agenda for the 13th. This project is still full of problems and unanswered questions.

They still don't have a location. As more is known about this project, the opposition to the original locatation has grown from a "not in my back yard" group to a more fundamental questioning of the project.

They have no idea where they are going to get the prisoners from. They have not been able to bring the Texas Prison Industries on board yet. They still haven't been able to get Born Again Corporation in good standing with the state yet. They are still worrying more about making money off of out of state prisoners rather than addressing crime problems here. I hope the voters of Tom Green County think about this in the upcoming elections, and remember which commissioners are pushing this project and which ones are listening.

These issues have been brought up here, on the ConchoInfo website, and Concho-Online.

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  1. As there is no direct vote on the prison issue itself required, the indirect venue of expressing displeasure in the Commissioner's race has unfortunate limitations.

    Aside from other issues influencing a voter, we have one strong prison proponent, Bookter, with two primary contenders. While I do not presume to speak for any candidate beyond what that candidate has publically stated, should Mr. Bookter's opponents both stand against the prison, the vote against the prison could split between them and leave the anti-prison vote ineffective.

    Also, only voters in the precinct get even this indirect voice. One thing voters can do is make this a hot topic at any candidate campaign appearance. My advice there is to go to specifics.

    Forget water, forget safety. Should this actually be built, it won't be in Precinct 4 and would not use that much water. What is the taxpayer liability, both for the unit itself and its operation and the as yet unresolved question of our liability to any unpaid bondholders. If anyone dares suggest prisons are automatic money makers, ask for the balance sheet on the Roy Robb Juvenile/Women's/Men's Adult unit that has been a seven figure hole in the County's pocket.